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COVID-19 Vaccine - Shared screen with speaker view
Amanda Warren
Hello Everyone! Welcome to today's webinar. We will get started in just a moment.
Amanda Warren
If you have questions during the presentation, please submit them here in the chat box or in the Q&A section. We will do our best to answer as many additional questions as possible at the end of the presentation.
Tamara Winters
who do we contact to get updates on when our facility is scheduled to receive the vaccine ? and will the families be notified of when this does occur?
Amanda Warren
Hello Tamara - thanks for the question. You can expect to hear from the General Manager when vaccine clinic dates are scheduled. You can reach out to the community directly for updates if needed.
Margaret Langley
What is Vaccine ingredients: gene spicing or chemical derivative?
Amanda Warren
Hello Margaret, I am adding this question to the list to ask Dr. Jay near the end of the presentation. Thanks!